Glorious Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

We focus on solving your supply chain needs from end to end, taking the complexity out of container shipping.

We are at the forefront of developing innovative supply chain solutions, fusing our global network and depth of expertise with pioneering digital innovations to enable our customers to stay ahead.

Supply chains must be agile to global market and demand changes. We put logistic technologies in place to visualize your logistic flow and connect them with advanced algorithms to efficiently orchestrate and optimize your journey. 24/7, real time with focus on sustainability.

We offer PO management solutions, tailored to your specific needs, to give you end-to-end visibility in one single web solution including document sharing and collaboration. It helps you to react to unexpected events, maximize your supply efficiency and minimize your risk within production visibility.

If you move goods to and from various parts of the world, we can help. From managing the complex flow of your products, information, and financials to reducing logistics costs, your daily supply chain operations are our responsibility.

Use our expertise, tools and processes to partner with you for Supply Chain solutions.

Smart Visibility

Track your cargo online 24/7.

To manage your supply chain easily, we offer an online cloud based platform to track your shipments real time. It offers detailed shipment location information with live incident updated and alerts.

Predictive Supply Chain

A strong planning tool can support you to make the right decision

Predictive Supply Chains are using your visibility and market big data to plan ahead and optimize your flows based on your preferences. Different routings and modes can be used to bring your product from A to Z, all with their own price, transit time and emission. The planning tool will support you in making the right decision.

Po Management Collaboration

End to End Supply Chain

We offer End to End Supply Chain management on SKU level, fit to your specific needs, in one single web solution including document sharing and online communication with all Supply Chain parties involved. Starting from PO creation, supplier follow up, consolidation, through receipt and the delivery to final destination it gives you visibility and control from ordering till production till delivery. This control tower will support your planning, execution and monitor your inventory management in one single web tool.


Monitor your cargo status with customizable dashboard

Monitoring your performance with customizable dashboard and KPI’s will give insight of your supply chain strengths and weaknesses.