Glorious About Us

We are global leader in Project Management and financing services

WWe are global leader in Project Management and financing services

"Innovation" is the key to sustainable development, and the "Change" is an approach to cope with market trend.

GLORIOUS holds global view and foresees market trend from time to time, and has developed a global network to operate over 52 business locations in 17 countries in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe, along with more than 61 strategic partner agents in rest of the world. We provide comprehensive Project Management, Financing and Logistic services to our customers through strategic alliance with end-users, EPC contractors, Manufacturers and shipping companies, based on our capability to integrate and streamline Supply Chain Management process to help customers enjoy our reliable, fast and vast solutions to optimize their project timeline, costs and to ensure timely delivery.

Being the most comprehensive Project Management and Financing service provider, the key elements of GLORIOUS growth strategy are global reach with local touch in network expansion, products diversification and operation optimization, following data integration along with the application from designing to delivering revolutionary transport infrastructure, our clients’ work spans some of the most complex projects in the world. We master that complexity by combining our creative thinking with the most innovative technologies, bringing our clients’ projects to life with maximum impact.

GLORIOUS provides multiple services that included both Glorious focuses on Project Management services and Project Financing and Procurement action ranged from A to Z of project execution from basic design stage till unit construction and equipment installation. The company coordinates the multiple-brand strategy with our customized services including engineering, procurement, logistics, construction, installation, maintenance and consultancy & advisory.

One Vision

One Purpose

At GLORIOUS we have one overriding vision: to enhance the performance of the world’s energy industry.

Our vision is supported by a relentless drive of every individual at GLORIOUS. We are united by one single purpose: to bring together the scope, know-how and determination to transform our clients’ project economics.

Our Mission

Our Values

Our mission is to provide integrated and customized services for project well execution from A to Z that improve our customer’s business’ continuity, cost and ecological footprint. Our mission provides us guidance in making correct and sustainable decisions.

Our core values for Interaction and cooperation with our clients, partners and suppliers are trust and responsibility, team spirit, flexibility, quality and cost conscious. We believe these are essential to create and maintain long-lasting relationships with mutual benefits for all the stakeholders.



We collaborate in smart, meaningful ways, bringing together the teams and talent that yield the greatest results.

We are challenging ourselves as well as the practices of our industry: reinventing our technology and approach to projects, innovating end-to-end for greater efficiency.

Drive for our

Clients’ success

We think ahead and seize opportunities for our clients.

We act responsibly and openly, assuring clients and partners of our competence and inspiring their trust at every step.

Facts & figures

187 Employees

17 Countries

24 Nationalities

2 Warehouses